BCBC Client Comfort System (CCS) - Design Manual

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Two Way Modulating Control Valve

              Non     Non
              Spring  Spring  Spring  Spring
              Return  Return  Return  Return
Size  Install  Valve   Total   Valve   Total
1/2"     $50  $275    $325    $457    $507
3/4"     $60  $290    $350    $461    $521
1"       $70  $297    $367    $467    $537
1        $90  $395    $485    $560    $650
2"      $100  $435    $535    $584    $684
3"      $105  $800    $905    $924  $1,029
4"      $225  $900  $1,125    $990  $1,215

Terminal Valve

					  Valve &
Description            		 Install  Actuator    Total
Two position 1/2" or 3/4"	   $25       $70       $95
Floating control 1/2" or 3/4"      $25      $105      $130

General Control Valve Notes

Valve pricing varies greatly between manufacturers and is mostly a function of body type, size and manufacturer's actuator approach. The cost break points are not the same for all manufacturers. The above budget prices are based on globe type control valves with bronze or brass bodies screwed up to 2 1/2" and with cast iron flanges above 2 1/2". All valves would have replaceable parts and generally not require to be removed from piping for repairs. All valves have replaceable packing. Valves are suitable for temperatures up to 125 C and 875 kPa. For valves requiring conditions other than these obtain special pricing. Use extreme caution if ball valves are proposed. Friction can become greater than the power of the actuator when the valve sits in one position for long periods of time. Most ball valves cannot be repaired in line and packing can also pose a problem. Low cost control valve actuators using the heating of how wax have not met with great success todate and should not be used. Butterfly valves, if used on large sizes, 4" or greater, should have good seals internally and on shafts. Torque requirements for butterfly valves are usually high and increase with age.

Three way valves should not be used as they cost 20-30% more and at least 50% more to install. If constant flow is required one two way bypass can be operated from a system pressure differential. With the low cost of small ASDs, strong consideration should be given to variable volume pumping systems with two way valves for reduced energy, noise and valve maintenance.

Valve Pricing Notes

Valve costs have been interpreted from several suppliers' costs. All valves less than 2 1/2" are screwed and large valves are flanged. All valves are complete with electronic actuators 0-10 VDC.

General Pricing Notes

Estimated costs are based on a sampling of valve costs complete with actuators, in the lower BC Mainland and south Vancouver Island. Assumed costs are control contractor costs and do not include mechanical or general contract mark up. Prices should be adjusted for any other conditions and profit. Labour has been estimated at $50/hr using hours from HVAC Systems Estimating Manual, by KHASHAB. The manual suggests the following mark ups: job overhead 3-10%; estimating contingency 0-10%; market contingency 0-5%; escalation 0.5-0.75%/mth; general overhead 1-3%'; profit 10%; contractor mark up 10%; plus taxes.

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