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8.1 Damper and Damper Actuator Unit Pricing - as of 94/06/29

Description          Damper  Install  Total
opposed or parallel
1 to 5 SF              $150    $100    $250
6 to 10 SF             $260    $125    $385
11 to 15 SF            $300    $150    $450
16 to 20 SF            $320    $200    $520
Damper (round)
6" diameter             $60     $50    $110
8" diameter             $65     $50    $115
10" diameter            $70     $50    $120

Point   Description    Torque    Max sq ft   Cost
Type                   Capacity  of damper
DA1/A   Modulating no     50       11        $132
DA1/B   spring return     90       24        $180
DA1/C                    130       35        $200          
DA2/B   Modulating with   90       24        $250
        spring return                            
DA3/A   Two position      50       11         $90
DA3/B   no spring return  90       24        $115
DA3/C                    130       35        $160

General Damper and Actuator Notes

Modulating actuators are based on either spring return or non spring return 0-10 VDC actuators. Non spring actuators cost less and they are able to provide more torque to drive larger dampers (sq ft2 versus 24 ft2). The main purpose of the spring is to return the damper to a fail safe position. A fail safe position can also be achieved by connecting the damper supply and CCS power supply to emergency power and drive damper to the required position on detection of power loss. The power requirements are relatively low. The non spring concept may make sense on a larger project with multiple actuators that already have an emergency power supply.

If dampers are located in close proximity one actuator can be used to drive several dampers with interconnecting linkage. Eg the following mixed air system:

		2'X3' fresh air damper; 1'X3' return air damper; 2'X3' exhaust air damper
 		        6 ft2			3 ft2			6 ft2			15 ft2
Damper			$260			$150			$260
Install			$125			$100			$125
Total			$385			$250			$385			$1,020
Plus 24 ft2 spring return actuator								$  250
Plus CCS panel cost for one analog output							$   75
$1,345 X 1.32 = 							$1,775
(control contractor mark up & overhead)
$1,775 X 1.10 =								$1,953
(mechanical contractor mark up and overhead)
$1,953 X 1.10 =								$2,148
(general contractor mark up and overhead)

Damper Pricing Notes

The above data has been interpreted from several suppliers' pricing data. Dampers consist of five major components; frame, blades, linkages, bearings and seals. The quality of all the components can vary greatly. The blade can go all the way from a simple piece of sheetmetal to sophisticated air foils which encase the damper seals. Two other general categories are rectangular and circular. Generally circular dampers are less expensive. Rectangular dampers divide into two further subsets; parallel and opposed blade. The above ballpark prices are based on a standard control type damper with seals, metal jams, bearings, parallel or opposed rectangular. Most suppliers price dampers in a matrix of height and width but we have reduced to four square foot categories for simplification. For damper areas larger than those listed use multiples of the listed dampers.

General Pricing Notes

Estimated costs are based on a sampling of damper costs complete with actuators, in the lower BC Mainland and south Vancouver Island. Assumed costs are control contractor costs and do not include mechanical or general contract mark up. Prices should be adjusted for any other conditions and profit. Labour has been estimated at $50/hr using hours from HVAC Systems Estimating Manual, by KHASHAB. The manual suggests the following mark ups: job overhead 3-10%; estimating contingency 0-10%; market contingency 0-5%; escalation 0.5-0.75%/mth; general overhead 1-3%; profit 10%; contractor mark up 10%; plus taxes.

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