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Project # _______________             Project Description: ____________________________________________

Proposals are invited for a Client Comfort System (CCS) from Vendors of Direct Digital Control Systems.

Proposals will be received by the Project Development Group, British Columbia Buildings Corporation, 3350 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC, until ______________________________ at 2:00 p.m.

The successful proponent will be required to sign a contract as a sub-contractor to the Mechanical Contractor for the project.

Proposal Documents may be obtained on __________________________________ from the Consultant _________________________________________________________.

These documents are available upon receipt of a refundable deposit of a certified cheque in the amount of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($100.00) payable to British Columbia Buildings Corporation. Deposits will be refunded upon satisfactory return of proposal documents within one month of proposal closing date.

The General Contract Documents for the Project are available for viewing at __________________________________ _____________________________________________________________.

The lowest or any proposal will not necessarily be accepted.

General inquiries may be directed to the Project Manager, _________________________________________ in Victoria at 1-250-____________________          Fax #: 1-250-____________________      or the Consultant, ________________ _______________________________________     Phone #:_________________.

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