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Real Estate Brokerage Opportunities

IWS seeks listing proposals on a property-specific basis. As such, it does not have a standing roster of pre-qualified real estate companies.

IWS will post brokerage opportunities to the BC Bid website and real estate companies are invited to submit listing proposals using the property information and guidelines contained within. IWS' Real Estate Management Branch will assess all listing proposals received.

While not an exclusive process, the selection of a real estate company is a merit-based assessment, which looks at factors such as:

  • The company's estimated value of the property
  • The type of property (land, office building, corrections centre, etc.)
  • The company's perceived market for the property (local, provincial, national or international) and prospective purchasers
  • The company's experience in the particular area and track record of past successes;
  • The interest expressed by the company in doing business with ARES and their demonstrated capabilities
  • The assurance that the property will be exposed on the local Multiple Listing Service (where appropriate), advertised in local print media and have visible signage

The Real Estate Management Branch will award the listing to the firm that is deemed to be best suited for the assignment. All submissions will be strictly confidential.

There is no charge to view or download documents on the BC Bid website.

We encourage service providers to regularly check for new brokerage opportunities.

BC Bid also gives subscribers the opportunity to register their area of industry expertise by submitting a profile. Subscribers are automatically notified by e-mail of new and amended opportunities that fit their profile criteria.

Details about the bid-matching and e-bidding services including costs, are available on the BC Bid website.

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