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Intellectual Rights and Copyright

BCBC encourages the dissemination of the information contained in this manual, and encourages the use of the material as the basis for specifications, however, the work is the sole intellectual property of BCBC. Permission to distribute portions of this manual without charge, or for the cost of reproduction and delivery, is granted without demur, but rights to distribution for more than the cost of reproduction and delivery, by any means, electronic or otherwise, are specifically reserved and subject to further negotiation with BCBC. All copies, including copies used in procurement documents, shall be distributed with a prominent copyright notice or acknowledgment recognizing BCBC as the original source of the material. Further information on the use of this manual for non-BCBC projects, including the form of the acknowledgment, is contained in Section 0.7 of this manual.

What Is It?

The Client Comfort System(CCS) Design Manual is primarily intended to instruct and assist designers who are specifying computerised building controls for BCBC. It starts with an Introduction that describes how to use the manual in the procurement process.

How to See it and Get Your Copy

Acronyms, Acronyms, Acronyms!

How many names and acronyms are there for computerised building controls?

EMCS (Energy Management Control Systems)

DDC (Direct Digital Control)

BAS (Building Automation Systems)

EMS (Energy Management Systems)

You can add one more! CCS for Client Comfort Systems, BCBC's Client -focused control design philosophy.

Why is it on the Internet?

Why should you adopt this approach?

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