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4.1         Instructions to Designers

    This section is intended to give designers specific instructions as to how to structure the Request For Proposal
    documents using the British Columbia Buildings Corporation standardized documents found in Section 4.0.

4.1.1      Instructions to Proponents - Section 4.2  Fill in the information on the cover sheet for the section that includes
              Instructions to Proponents, Proposal and Acceptance Form, and Conditions of Contract. Fill in the Invitation For
              Proposal as the basis for the public advertisement. In the Proposal and Acceptance Form, fill in the project
              description and number information in PAF 1.0 & PAF 2.0 and fill in the daily liquidated damages amount in
              PAF 6.0, based on this formula:

    [Annual Energy Cost Savings - (Project Cost * Annual Interest Rate)] / 365 Days.

    The remainder of the document is to be issued unaltered, as the proponent will supply the remaining

4.1.2     Technical Requirements  Table of Contents - Prepare a Table of Contents following the headings below.  15910 Scope - Prepare an overview and explanation of the CCS objectives as they relate to this project.
             Note any particular features or issues which may assist the controls contractor understand the project better.  15920 Project Specific Alterations to BCBC - CCS Performance Specification - This is where any
             deviations to the BCBC standard CCS Performance Specification can be made, if necessary. This approach
             is used to assist the controls contractors in focusing on issues which may affect pricing of the project.  15925 Sequence of Operation (if required) - This section is to be used if there are any strategies to be
             programmed by the contractor which do not have standardized System Points Lists, Graphics & Start up
             Logic prepared.  15930 Systems (Points Lists, Graphics & Start up Logic)
             Summary Page - Prepare a summary page of the points and graphics following the format in the example in
             Section 10 (form 10_E5).
             DDC Points - Choose the BCBC standardized System Points Lists, Graphic & Start up Logic sheets from
             Section 5 for each mechanical or electrical system. For more in-depth instruction see Section 5.1.
             Misc. Points - Add these points on form 5_O2 found in Section 5.O.
             Non DDC Points - Add these points on form 5_O3 found in Section 5.O.
             Emergency/Safety Points - Add these points on form 5_O4 found in Section 5.O.
             Other Graphics - Add any other graphics required. Where standardized graphics are not in the manual, BCBC will
             prepare same for the project in conjunction with the designer.  15940 BCBC - CCS Performance Specification - Section 4.3 - Attach this document unaltered.

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