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PF 1.0 Project Description




PF 2.0 Project Number ____________________

PF 3.0 Proponent Identification

Name ________________________________________________________________
                                        (hereinafter referred to as the "Proponent")

Address _____________________________________________________________________

_____________________________________Telephone Number _________________

Worker's Compensation Board Clearance Number ___________________________________________________________________

PF 4.0 Offer

Having examined all the Proposal Documents, including the advertised Invitation for Proposal, Instructions to Proponents, Articles of Agreement and its Sections, as well as any addenda THE PROPONENT HEREBY OFFERS to the BRITISH COLUMBIA BUILDINGS CORPORATION (hereinafter referred to as "the Corporation") to execute the Work for the above-named Project in accordance with the Contract Documents at the place and in the manner set out for the amounts of:


In lawful money of Canada (the "Total Amount of Proposal").

PF 5.0 Governing Taxes

The Total Amount of Proposal is all inclusive of Provincial Sales Tax and all permits and fees. The Total Amount of Proposal is not subject to the Goods and Services Tax (GST) . In the event of a change in the rate of any tax made public after:

        (a)    the date this Proposal was mailed or delivered or,

        (b)    if this Proposal is revised, the date of the last revision,

        The Total Amount of Proposal shall be increased or decreased in the manner provided in Terms of Payment,
        TP 9 [IP1 Clause 1.2(e)], subject always to the exceptions noted there.

PF 6.0 Execution of Contract Documents

If notified by the Corporation of the acceptance of its offer within twenty-eight (28) days of the proposal closing date, the Proponent offers to execute a contract as a sub-contractor to the Division 15 sub-contractor for the Project. (Proponent to write name of contractor).

PF 7.0 Substantial Performance

The Proponent offers to perform the Work to conform to the scheduling and Substantial Performance date as specified in the main Contract.

PF 8.0 Addenda

This Proposal Form includes the following addenda: (List addendums for both DIV 15 work and the CCS Proposal)

   Addenda No.                     Date                                                   Description

    ____________     __________________     __________________________________________

    ____________     __________________     __________________________________________

    ____________     __________________     __________________________________________

    ____________     __________________     __________________________________________

    ____________     __________________     __________________________________________

    ____________     __________________     __________________________________________

PF 9.0 List of Subcontractors

The Proponent proposes to sub-contract the following parts of the Work to the Sub-Contractor listed for each part. In the Proponent's opinion the Sub-Contractors named are reliable and competent to perform that part of the Work for which each is listed.

PART OF THE WORK                                           SUBCONTRACTOR'S LEGAL NAME

_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

PF 10.0 Other Requirements

10.1    The Proponent offers to:

           (a)     furnish the payment breakdown in accordance with the Terms of Payment;

           (b)   provide input as required by General Requirements Section 01310 Construction Schedule and conform
                  to the General Contractor's detailed construction schedules.

10.2    This offer is irrevocable and shall remain open for acceptance by the Corporation for a period of twenty-eight
           (28) days from the time and date specified for closing of tenders contained in the advertised Invitation for

10.3    The Proponent offers to:

           (a)     Provide a Performance Bond and a Labour & Materials Payment Bond, each in the amount of FIFTY
                   PERCENT (50%) of the Contract Price, within 14 days of contract award.

PF 11.0 Alternative Prices

The following are alternative prices and may form part of the Contract. These amounts are NOT to be included in the Total Amount of Proposal.

                                                                                                                          ADD                                      DEDUCT

  1.  ___________________________________ $__________________ $___________________

  2.  ___________________________________ $__________________ $___________________

  3.  ___________________________________ $__________________ $___________________

PF 12.0 Separate Price

    12.1    The following separate price does not form part of the Contract. This amount is NOT to be included in the Total
               Amount of Proposal.

     (i)    To provide the Extended Warranty for the Client Comfort System in accordance with the requirements of
             IP 3.9.

    (ii)    To provide static screen software in accordance with PS 2.6.


PF 13.0 Signature

            IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Proponent has hereunto set his hand and seal and where a Proponent is a corporate
            entity the corporate seal of the said company has been affixed in the presence of its duly authorized officers this                _______________________________________ day of ___________________________19________.

                     SIGNED SEALED AND DELIVERED BY the

                       Proponent in the presence of

        (a) ________________________________________

                                                                                                                    (c) ________________________ (seal)


        If the Proponent is not incorporated, he or she should sign on line (c) in the presence of a single witness who should sign
        on line (a). If incorporated, only the authorized signing officer(s) of the Proponent should sign on lines (a) and (b) and the
        corporate seal should be impressed on line_(c).

PF 14.0 Proposal Requirements Check List

This Clause contains a listing of the technical data and information which must accompany the Proposal. Failure to provide this information may result in rejection of proposal.

                                                                            Reference                 In Compliance

.1     Description of how access requirements to         PS 2.1                    ________________  
        DDC system are accomplished from the
        various operator interface devices
.2     Password security levels                                    PS 2.2                    ________________  

.3     Modem                                                             PS 2.3                    ________________  

.4     Programmability                                                 PS 3.1 to 3.8         ________________ 

.5     Alternative and Separate Prices
        -    Extended Warranty                                       IP 3.9                    ________________
        -    System Expansion                                         IP 3.10                  ________________
        -    Alternate Proposals                                       IP 3.11.1               ________________
        -    Custom Software Coding                              IP 3.11.3               ________________
        -    List of Spare Parts                                        IP 3.12                  ________________
        -    Static Screen Software                                  PS 2.6                   ________________  

.6     Description of network communications               PS 4.1                  ________________

.7     Description of data highway isolation                   PS            ________________

.8     Block Diagram                                                    IP 4.4(b).1           ________________  

.9     Product data on all system components,               IP 4.4(b).2            ________________ 
        hardware and software

.10   Description of power surge protection                 PS 5.1                   ________________  

.11   Description of power failure protection                PS 5.2                    ________________

.12   Random Access Memory (RAM) calculations    PS 5.6                    ________________

.13   Confirmation of required processing speeds         PS 4.2 and 5.7        ________________

.14   List of recent and current projects                        IP 4.4(a)                 ________________

.15   Details of organization and name of                                                     ________________  
        Project Manager who would manage the project
        if awarded

.16   Details of proponent's                                                                        ________________  
        maintenance organization


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