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4.1    Proponents shall submit their proposals on the Proposal Form included herein. The completed Form must be executed
         in accordance with provisions of IP 5 below.

4.2    Alteration(s), qualification(s) or omission(s) to the Proposal Form may render the Proposal liable to rejection by the

4.3    All erasures or corrections to the proponent's entries on the Proposal Form must be initialed by the Proponent.

4.4    Each Proposal received from a Proponent must be accompanied by:

        (a)    Detailed evidence of previous experience of similar installations, including a list of projects completed or underway.

        (b)    A detailed description of the CCS and all of its components, both hardware and software, on which the proposal
                 is based. At a minimum the following is required:

       .1    a block diagram of the DDC portion of the CCS, showing overall configuration and identifying all major
       .2    a list, along with technical data of every hardware component to be provided, including standalone panels,
              terminal unit controllers, interface devices, communications devices and field devices. See PS 6.1.5
              Performance Specifications Section 15940;
       .3    a detailed description of the operating system and Operator Control Language (OCL) software, and a list
              and description of all alarm, reporting and trending routines, and other application software shall be supplied;
       .4    a schedule for the installation, showing milestone dates if unable to conform to the scheduling and Substantial
              Performance dates of the General Contract;
       .5    a list of sub-contractors, if any; and
       .6    a description of how each of the PS 2 through 5 of the Performance Specifications, Section 15940 have been
              met. Refer to and complete the Proposal Requirements Check List at the end of the Proposal Form.

Provide TWO (2) complete sets of the foregoing information with the proposal. These will be returned following Proposal evaluation if requested by the Proponent. Any proprietary information must be so designated.

(c)    Any alternatives proposed under IP 3.11 - Alternative Proposals shall be clearly identified, detailed information
        supplied as described above, and the deductive or additive cost clearly indicated. Any costs shall cover
        everything required to make the system fully operative with the proposed alternative incorporated.

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