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9.1    Overview

The successful completion of a SEVEN (7) day acceptance test as described herein is a prerequisite to granting Substantial Performance. Before the SEVEN (7)-day acceptance test may begin, the CCS must be completely operational including the following:

.1    Every point shall be checked end to end to ensure accuracy and integrity of systems and be signed off by the
       Contractor and the Owner.

.2    Generic Start up Code shall be written in Operator Control Language (OCL) and successfully control the

.3    Time schedules shall be built and in control of time-controlled equipment.

.4    Graphic displays must be installed and fully operational for each graphic screen page as per the CCS Project
       Summary in Section 15930.

.5    Each control loop measured variable, controlled variable and set point if calculated; shall be placed on a
       FIFTEEN (15)-minute continuous trend for at least TWENTY-FOUR (24) hours to prove stability of loop.

.6    Each space sensor shall be placed on a THREE (3)-hour trend for One Hundred (100) samples.

.7    Runtime totalizer shall be set on all digital outputs.

.8    Load/save of panel programs must be demonstrated.

.9    All features of system shall have been exercised.

.10  Operator shall have been briefed on operation of system.

.11  A trend on one panel shall be set up for a point from every other panel. These points shall also be trended in
       their own panels for the same intervals. Comparison of the two groups of trends will indicate if any
       communication problems are occurring during the SEVEN (7)-day test.

.12  All alarms shall be operational.

.13  Calibration of all sensors.

9.2    During SEVEN (7)-Day Test

.1    Fire alarm shall be activated to ensure correct action of all fire and smoke sequences.

.2    Power failure for building shall be simulated and system recovery monitored.

.3    System must be available for Owners representative to exercise most features of the system.

.4    Demonstration of modem operation will be required. All functions of the CCS shall be accessed through the
       modem to prove operation.

.5    Demonstration of hardware low limits and damper interlocks will be required.

.6    Spot checks of points end-to-end integrity will be carried out. If several problems are identified, a complete
       reconfirmation of system integrity shall be carried out by the Contractor. When reconfirmation has been
       completed, the 7 day test will be restarted.

.7    Any upset of system operational functionality greater than 2 hours during the 7 day test shall cause the test to
       be restarted.

.8    Printer shall be left on for complete SEVEN (7)-day test. All printouts will be kept for review at completion
       of test. An alarm printer shall be supplied by the Contractor if none is supplied in this contract.

.9    Results of all tests shall be documented by the Contractor and submitted to the Engineer for review.

.10  System speeds as defined in PS 4.2, PS 5.5, PS 5.7 and PS 5.8 will be tested during the 7-day test.

9.3    Training and Demonstrations

The complete training program, (refer to item PS 1.5) shall be carried out. It may be convenient to schedule this during the 7 day test period.

9.4    Documentation

The following documentation must also be in place before completion of SEVEN (7)-day test and the granting of Substantial Performance:

.1    Panel layout sheets complete with point name, point address and wire identification number. One copy
       attached to each respective panel door.

.2    All points tagged with point name, point address and panel number.

.3    System generated data sheets and graphics signed off by both the contractor and the consultant showing
       successful commissioning of each point.

.4    As-Built control drawings showing interface with existing controls.

.5    As-Built ladder wiring diagrams showing all hardware interlocks and panel input or output number.

.6    Complete Operators Manual.

.7    Apparatus and Maintenance Manual for all sensors, transducers, valves, operators, solid state relays, DDC
       main panels and zone controllers.

.8    Graphic plates of floor plans showing sensors, terminals, devices, zoning and stand alone panel locations.

.9    Electrical approval certificate.

.10  All of the above information, with the exception of #2 (point tags) shall be bound and presented in TWO (2)
       manuals to be left on site.

.11  A copy of each graphical screen page included in Section 15930 shall be signed off and dated by the
       successful Contractor, and the Owner's representative. Any changes shall be noted. This signed set shall be
       left on site as the ``as installed drawings''.

In addition, a summary print out generated by the supplied system of each group of point types for each panel shall be printed after commissioning and calibration. Each sheet shall be signed by the Contractor's commissioning person, and the Owner's representatives. The print out will be stored in a binder on site for reference by all parties. If any changes are noted during spot checks they shall be manually written on the original print out with the date and signature of person noting changes.

9.5    Project Acceptance

Once the above basic requirements are met and all other features of the system are complete and acceptable, Substantial Performance shall be granted. A deficiency list shall be prepared and holdbacks applied. All deficiencies shall be corrected prior to Total Performance. Warranty shall start from the date of Substantial Performance of the work.

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