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7.1     General

This clause contains a list of system points , not all of which will be applicable to this project. Refer to the "Point Type" column on the points lists in Section 15930 to identify the points relevant to this project.

The contractor shall create and name all points indicated in the points lists. Software points shall have the same characteristics on the graphic screens as the real or hardware points. A few additional points may be required to comply with the intent of the generic logic, depending on the vendors system. All software points to be located on the graphic screens as shown.

7.2     Point Type "AL"

Description: Alarm Point

Set up alarm points , if required, so that nuisance alarms are minimized. Name as per points lists. First name in "notes" is alarmed point while second is associated system point. Route alarms to "AR" point and to the site terminal or modem.

7.3     Point Type "AS"

Description: Annual Schedule

Annual schedules will allow the operator to set up the statutory holidays one year in advance. When assigned to a weekly schedule the annual schedule will allow the weekly schedule to be overridden.

7.4     Point Type "CO"

Description: Controller

A point which allows a software controller to be set up as P, PI, or PID. The measured variable is noted as the first name in the "notes" column of the points lists, while the setpoint is the second. Set up as required to provide stable operation with no "dithering" or hunting. Output units are 0% to 100%.

7.5     Point Type "PG"

Description: Program

This is the nomenclature for the point which contains the OCL programs that allow writing of the ``if, then, else'' statements. Set up as detailed in the Generic Startup Logic.

7.6     Point Type "TL"

Description: Trend Log

Trend log points to be set up as detailed in the points lists and PS 9. Points list trend logs have the points noted in the "notes" column separated by commas e.g. HCV,SAT_SP,SAT,HCP. Name as per points lists or BCBC Point Naming Convention if not on points lists.

7.7     Point Type "TZ"

Description: Totalizers

Set up totalizers for each digital output point in the system, except for outputs to floating point devices. Name as per points list with units as hours.

7.8     Point Type "V"

Description: Variable

Variable or software points may be analog or digital as required. Set up as required in the points lists with the proper units, and as required to comply with the intent of the generic start-up logic.

7.9     Point Type "WS"

Description: Weekly Schedule

Weekly schedules provide the software time clock for use in OCL. Values are on or off. Set up with times as directed by the Owner's representative.

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