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1.1    General

It is the intention of the Corporation to obtain a complete, operational Client Comfort System (CCS). The Contractor shall provide everything, both materials and labour, required for a complete and fully operational system including, but not limited to:

.1    All engineering and documentation necessary to define all details of the contractor's system for both
       Corporation review and Contractor installation;

.2    All computerised and electronic hardware, including network communications devices, standalone panels
       and terminal unit controllers;

.3    All hardware components necessary for a complete system, including field devices of all types (e.g. sensors,
       actuators, relays, contractors), transformers, wiring, conduit, raceways, and piping;

.4    All application programming, databases, graphics and other activities related to computer software or
       firmware, required to implement the generic start-up logic and the graphics screens (including dynamic data
       points and ``hot'' spots) defined in this specification. Refer to 15930;

.5    A complete installation of all non-DDC and emergency controls listed in this specification;

.6    Labour and supervision for the installation, calibration, adjustments, checkouts, commissioning of all
       components and devices provided, and Substantial Performance requirements; and

.7    Complete documentation of the completed installation, with commissioning reports and operations and
       maintenance manuals.

Installation shall be in accordance with the PS 8 Installation Standards.

1.2    Standards and Guidelines

        .1    Installation shall conform to the latest building codes and standards in effect.

        .2    Wiring to be in accordance with C.E.C. and the standards of Division 16 for the project.

        .3    Openings through fire separations shall be sealed with an approved fire stopping product.

        .4    The location of all devices to be reviewed with the Corporation's representative prior to installation.

        .5    It is the Control Contractors responsibility to be familiar with and abide by the latest issue of the BCBC
               Point Naming Convention and Graphics Guidelines for Client Comfort Systems. These are available on the Internet
               or in hard copy from BCBC Technical Value Department.

1.3    Shop Drawings

        .1    Submit shop drawings for the project, in accordance with Section 01340 of the General Conditions of the Contract
               for the Project, and as follows:

        .2    Submit product data on all computer components, Standalone panels, (SAPs), terminal unit controllers, (TUCs),
               and field devices. All data not applicable to project to be crossed out. Refer to PS 6.1.

        .3    Provide schematics showing system architecture including network, SAPs and TUCs, wiring ladder diagrams and
               point layouts referenced to Points Lists.

        .4    Submit graphic screens in software format and hard copy to the Engineer for review a minimum of 4 weeks prior to
               the 7 day test.

        .5    Provide written software for proposed sequences of operation which differ from the generic start-up logic software
               included in the specifications section 15930, to Consultant for review, prior to installation in panels and equipment

        .6    Apply BCBC Point Naming Convention to all points.

        .7    Submit calculations on a panel-by-panel basis, confirming the random access memory (RAM) requirements in
               Clause PS5, item 5.6 Memory, are met.

        .8    Provide recommended list of spare parts to be stocked on site.

        .9    Provide an outline of the training program and the name and background of the person who will perform the training.

        .10  Submit two copies of shop drawings to BCBC Project Manager for review.

1.4    Warranty

Without restricting any warranty or guarantee implied or stipulated by law or elsewhere in the contract documents, the Controls Contractor will, at his own expense, rectify and make good any defect or fault that appears in the work within TWELVE (12) months from the date of the Certificate of Substantial Performance. Service inspections and servicing of equipment during the warranty year.

1.5    Training

Include a program, of at least 20 hours duration, for on-site operator training. This program shall, at a minimum, cover the following:

.1    All procedures necessary for writing, editing, saving, uploading, and downloading of application software,
       point definition database, and any other software accessible to the user.

.2    The set-up, documentation, and editing of system displays for all systems and interfaces included in this

.3    The set-up, documentation, and editing of totalizers, trend logs and trend graphing for operator selected
       points in each of the systems.

.4    All procedures necessary to set up and execute point monitoring, point command (e.g. auto/manual toggle
       and in manual, assigning a specific value), and point response monitoring functions.

.5    Training for all of the foregoing shall be carried out from both the onsite user interface terminal and from a
       remote terminal by modem, and using both the Contractor's full graphics interface software and text-based
       terminal mode software (if the latter is provided).

1.6    Approved Products

        .1    The following products are approved for this project, subject to the system component and configuration restrictions
                listed for each manufacturer:

               .1   Delta Controls

                                           HVAC System                          Product Number             
                                                                                  1 to 9                    10 +              
                                                                                   Thermal Zones in Building                                    
            1. Single Zone (reheat optional)                      ICP015                ICP015             
            2. Central VAV(reheat optional)                     ICP015                ICP015 and IZ   
            3. Bypass VAV(reheat optional)                     ICP015                ICP015             
            4. Multizone                                                   ICP015                ICP015             
            5. Dual Fan Dual Duct                                   n/a                   ICP015 and IZ   
            6. Air to Air Heat Pump                                 ICP015                ICP015             
            7. Water Loop Heat Pump                             n/a                   ICP015 and IZ   
            Must include five (5) licensed copies of IGRAPHW.EXE software.                 

                .2   MultiNet

                                             HVAC System                          Product Number             
                                                                                        1 to 9                     10 +              
                                                                                         Thermal Zones in Building                                  
            1. Single Zone (reheat optional)                      MACH2                MACH2;  MNC100
            2. Central VAV(reheat optional)                    MACH2                  MACH2;  MNC100 & Mach-Air
            3. Bypass VAV(reheat optional)                    MACH2                 MACH2;  MNC100
            4. Multizone                                                  MACH2                 MACH2;  MNC100
            5. Dual Fan Dual Duct                                   MACH2                 MACH2;  MNC100 & Mach-Air
            6. Air to Air Heat Pump                                MACH2                 MACH2;  MNC100
            7. Water Loop Heat Pump                            MACH2                 MACH2;  MNC100 & MACH1
            Must include five (5) licensed copies of MultiNet Incontrol for Windows software.

            Static screen graphics generation software shall be Visio Technical.

        .2    Every system shall be compatible with PC terminals with MSDOS 6.2 and operating under a Windows NT

        .3    Other vendors who wish to receive approval to bid shall submit complete data for review in accordance with
               Request for Approval process specified elsewhere in the contract documents. For the CCS, the review procedure
               may include an all day interview session with the vendor, the Consultant and the Corporation, to evaluate capabilities
               in detail. Such an interview will require attendance by technically knowledgeable staff from the vendor. Allow time
               for this procedure when the approval request is submitted.

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