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This Design Manual contains the results of BCBC's Technical Value Department's efforts over the last several years to simplify the process of specifying direct digital Client Comfort Systems. The manual content and presentation represents the Corporation's extensive experience with building automation systems. The CCS Steering Committee provided overall guidance and approval for the manual. Individual members, working alone or in sub-committee, authored the various parts of the manual. The make-up of the committee changed over the course of the project, but the following members have provided significant ongoing input and guidance to the current manual. Many operators, managers, contractors, vendors, etc have provided excellent input to the overall manual, and we thank them. More information as to why the manual was created is provided in Section 8.6.

Jack Meredith P.Eng., Director, Technical Value
Cedric Trueman P.Eng., Senior Technical Value Advisor, Mechanical
Duane Mattson P.Eng., Senior Technical Value Advisor, Mechanical
Albert French A.Sc.T., Energy Projects Manager
Alex Zimmerman A.Sc.T., Energy Projects Manager
Kevin Jeffries A.Sc.T., Energy Projects Manager
Ron Sue A.Sc.T., Energy Projects Manager
Sid Sidhu A.Sc.T., Energy Projects Manager
Graham Carter E.I.T., Energy Management Coordinator
Christopher Jones P.Eng., under contract to Technical Value
Ken Sinclair, Consultant, Sinclair Energy Services Ltd
Jane Sinclair, Graphic and HTML Generation, Sinclair Energy Services Ltd
Chris Halsall, Web Wizard, Pacific Interconnect

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