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This section outlines actions required of the Designer from project inception through to completion of the bid documents.

The Designer's role in the bidding, installation, commissioning, acceptance and occupancy stages is also important but is beyond the scope of this manual.

Milestone or Stage       Activity Required or Product Delivered

Concept                          Investigate alternative HVAC systems, control and contract options.
                                       Discuss them with BCBC.
                                       Investigate further as agreed.
                                       Resolve with BCBC which options to adopt.
Design Development    Draft the items required in the Project Brief submission and obtain BCBC's aggreement to them.
Project Brief                  Submit an outline of the HVAC system and agreed drafts of the
Submission                     following sections of the CCS Specification.
                                       15910 Scope - An overview and explanation of the CCS objectives.
                                       15920 Project Specific Alterations to BCBC - CCS Performance Spec.
                                       15925 Sequence of Operation (if required)
                                       15930 Systems (Points Lists, Graphics & Start up Logic)
                                                              Summary Page
                                                              DDC Points
                                                              Misc. Points
                                                              Non DDC Points
                                                              Other Graphics
                                      15940 BCBC - CCS Performance Specification
Documentation             Develop the Specification and any associated documents.
                                      Get BCBC's approval for any material change from the Project Brief.
90% Submission          Submit a complete specification and associated documents.
Final Check                  Check and coordinate the specification and associated documents.
                                      Incorporate any changes arising from BCBC's 90% review.
Bid Documents             Submit a complete and checked Bid Document package including the Specification and any
                                      necessary associated documents.

Rationale for Required Timing of Action

The rationale for early development of key sections of the Specification is as follows:

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