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0.1.1 This manual can be viewed and is downloaded from BC Buildings Corporation Internet Hyper-media
          Services. Maintaining an Internet copy was chosen as the most cost effective way to make the manual
          available to the many designers and any other specifiers of Direct Digital Control Systems in BC or the
          World. The Internet manual will be updated monthly and will always have the most current approved
          information. If you have a hard paper copy of the manual and an Internet connection you will be able to
          update any portion of your manual at any time.

If you are comfortable in working with virtual media it is not necessary to have a hard copy of the manual. All files can be downloaded and printed exactly as presented in the manual. This assumes that you have access to the Corporation’s standard Windows operating platform and the following software, Microsoft® Word Version 6, and Microsoft® Excel. The ability to search the manual electronically and only print the portion you require should greatly reduce the generation of unnecessary paper.

If you are maintaining a hard paper copy of the manual and do not have Internet access, contact BCBC (see front cover) to obtain a fax copy of the current table of contents of the manual. Ensure your copy of this manual is up to date by checking the date in the footer of Table of Contents (Section 0) of your manual with the faxed copy.

0.1.2  If your manual is out of date (as per 0.1.1 above), check the "Date of Latest Update" (right hand column)
          of each section of the Table of Contents to see which sections have been updated.

0.1.3  Contact BCBC (see front cover) to obtain copies of any sections which are out of date.

All sections of the manual have a date in their footer, indicating when they were last updated. This same date is shown in the right hand column of the Table of Contents.

0.1.4 Rationale for Updating Method:

The CCS Design Manual is expected to evolve, therefore, additions and changes to the document are expected to occur on an ongoing basis.

This method of controlling and distributing updates is intended to make it easy for users to bring their copy up to date when needed and avoid the cost of frequent reissues of the entire manual.



0.2.1 The British Columbia Buildings Corporation is a Crown corporation established in 1976 to provide
         accommodation and real estate services to the Provincial Government. BCBC uses private sector
         management and accounting methods, charges market based rents and is expected to pay a dividend to the
         Government. BCBC's portfolio comprises 3,400 buildings totaling 23,000,000 square feet. The
         Corporation has approximately 800 employees of whom approximately 200 are head office staff. The
         Corporation spends over $200,000,000 annually in the private sector on materials and services and does
         business with over 5,000 contractors, consultants, landlords and suppliers.

0.2.2 This manual is intended to instruct and assist designers specifying a Client Comfort System (CCS) for
         BCBC. BCBC is very supportive of the dissemination of information as a means of Technology Transfer
         and accordingly is prepared to supply a copy of this manual to other interested parties. Readers are
         encouraged to contact BCBC with any questions on, or suggestions for improvements to, any part of this

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